Complete Residential Specialist

No Ground Debris - We like to remove and replace debris as soon as possible, leaving NO debris on the ground. On most jobs when we remove old roofing, the disposal is immediate. Todd Westphal Roofing has trailers that are designed to be moveable and meet residential driveway weight requirements.

No Commercial Dumpsters - Commercial boxes are carried by heavy trucks that residential driveways are NOT designed to support. The damage is done when picking up the box and all the weight is transferred to rear of the box or rear of truck. The damage will not be seen immediately, but cracks will form in the future when the sub layers are compacted by the floating pavement.

Over 30 years experience

Todd Westphal Roofing has been locally owned and operated for over 30 years. Todd Westphal Roofing may use Sub-Contractor's, however, all Sub-contracting is supervised By Todd Westphal. Todd is generally on the job 100% of the time, if Not, No Sub-Contractor is left un-supervised. We do NOT hire out of State Sub-Contractors. All Sub-contractors MUST support the community they work in, and be legally established and registered with the State of MN and Federal Government.